Getamped 2 updating configuration

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To unlock this set of missions, players need to reach Triple Warrior or better, and they need to upgrade 8 to 10 Accessories in the Mix Machine 53, then Diaper will give you a timed quest, whenever you beat it or not, Diaper will upgrade it to the Mix Machine 54.

is a free to play massively multiplayer online Fighting-Action, Role-playing video game, developed and published by the Japanese company Cyber Step, Inc.

Originally released in Japan on 6 November 2005, it has since been released in several other countries including the United States, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines and Korea, As the sequel to Get Amped (known as Splash Fighters in North America), the main difference from the original is an added emphasis placed on the social factor and a much greater development of the story lines.

In this tournament, fighters from all over the galaxy took part to determine the strongest of them all, ending with the victory of a fighter called Bon Seagal.

Street Fight mode is a battle royale of up to 20 players at a time.

There are three stages and since there is no time limit, players get rewarded according to how well they performed during the time they spent in Street Fight mode.

In Tournament mode, players can fight one-on-one or against a maximum of 8 players in single mode or team battle mode.

In Guardian mode, players can go on missions and fight against non-player characters, either by themselves or in teams of up to four people at the same time in the same mission.

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