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above...early pastel green sundae dish set, also available in blue, yellow and red... )Joblings quickly realised that Pyrex could be created for the home, and secured the licence to manufacture it in the UK, it went on to be sold right around the world.below...a stunning large red Pyrex serving platter...Notes on searching the photographer list below If you cannot find who you are looking for we suggest you go directly to and use the powerful search engine there.However, if you want to look more closely at the list below, here are some hints and tips as it is possible to miss a name you are looking for because of the level of detail that you have or because of the way that computers sort lists.Obie płcie mają skręcone, błyszczące czarne pióra na czubku głowy, które tworzą charakterystyczną kędzierzawą „fryzurę”; grzbiet, barkówki i kuper czerwone, reszta górnych części ciała ciemnozielona.Gardło blade z żółto-białymi piórami z błyszczącymi czarnymi plamkami na końcach, czasami ciągnące się do żółtej piersi, na której występuje czerwony pas, brzuch żółty, pokrywy podogonowe żółte, ale mogą występować czerwone wstawki.Pyrex was a wonder because for the first time you could safely take a meal straight from the oven to the table to be served! In the 2nd World War, Pyrex advocated it's wares to housewives on rations - their casserole dishes could be used for more economical recipes such as stews.Being attractive and stylish with up to the minute patterns and designs, it above... Popping everything into one lidded dish meant that food could be prepared quickly and easily, and it saved on fuel as Pyrex retained heat so well.

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Addresses and dates of operation can be bought immediately on-line at The powerful search facility there will identify the type of information available for each photographer. To look at a different Photographer List, use the navigation links under PHOTOGRAPHER in the banner at the top of this page.Epitet gatunkowy honoruje Augusta Charlesa Eugène Napoléona de Beauharnaisa (1810–1835), 2. księcia Eichstätt, księcia-małżonka Marii II, królowej Portugalii w latach 1834–1835, kolekcjonera i mecenasa nauki.Charakterystyczny ptak, ze stosunkowo krótkim dziobem i bardzo długi ogonem.In the late 50s the first coloured patterns were launched.These designs included Snowflake, Gooseberry, Daisy and Gaiety.above...

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