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Her attraction for you is not logically determined by a screening process – your job, looks, hobbies and interests.So don’t treat your interactions with women like an interview. Rather than ask boring questions like “Where are you from? “You sound like you’re an Essex girl with that terrible accent of yours”. They want to be rescued from the boredom of everyday life. Pretend you’re hiding from FBI agents, and need a girl’s help to escort you to the bar unscathed.– When talking to a girl, ask questions to get her qualifying herself to you. If you play the victim and hold a negative view on everything, women will repel you.Learn to love yourself first before you can love someone else. ” The more you invest and ‘love yourself’ the more attractive you’ll be in the eyes of women.If you want to attract high value women start dressing like a high value man.

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And lean back slightly so you don’t come across threatening. Ask questions to get her qualifying herself to you. Be sure to visit the experts’ sites to learn how they can help you become better at dating.Bobby Norris (aka Britain's newest national treasure) share a snog with Paul on their second date.Both seemed smitten with each other, with Bobby heading into the office to tell Nadia and Eden all about his feelings for Paul – and it turned out Paul felt the same way, when the team revealed that his feedback for Bobby had been simply: "Keep being you."#Celebs Go Dating has @edenblackman & @Lady Nadia Essex made @Bobby CNorris go out wiv ppl 2realise how much he ACTUALLY likes Paul if so GENIUS👌 Wk— 💋♕chellie anne♕💋 (@chellexbabi) September 8, 2017After being set up on a blind date with Jack, Bobby was shocked that he'd be pieing Paul off so early on in their budding relationship.If confidence is something you struggle with, here are a few tips to grow naturally confident: – Assume every girl is interested in you – Don’t be ashamed to express your sexual desire – Focus on teasing a girl rather than complimenting her all the time – Relax your body posture. Attracting women isn’t all about appearing attractive, it’s about being attractive from within, and expressing your positive qualities to the women you interact with.Keep your chin up and make slow, non-jerky movements when gesticulating and turning your head. You can understand why self-loathing guys struggle to get girlfriends.

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