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High self-monitors are very aware of what others might think of them and modify their behavior to create a positive public image (Snyder, 1974).When considering a potential partner, high self-monitors value physical attractiveness more highly than low self-monitors (Leone & Hawkins, 2006).As I was reading, I could find myself being both depending on the issue/task at hand. Rose, you say you can measure high or low monitoring, depending on the issue/task at hand. Maybe you see the "gray" areas, where others might see an issue as either/or, black or white. They definitely fit the criteria that you have listed in your article.

By contrast, low self-monitors reacted more favorably to product-quality oriented advertisements.By contrast, low self-monitoring consumers purchase the nutritious breakfast cereal even if it isn’t the one endorsed by the Olympic gold medal winner.They are the ones who use the mouthwash that is purported to kill the most bacteria even if it does leave their breath with a faint medicinal aroma, and they are the ones who choose the energy-efficient refrigerator even though it’s not available in the most designer-styled finish. Don’t expect these two types to get along: Even the high self-monitor cannot keep up the pretense for too long.He also showed that the same principle applied when encouraging a person not to consume a product.Thus high self-monitors may be put off smoking because of the consequences of bad breath and smelly clothes, while low self-monitors may be more concerned with the health consequences.

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