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The Crown case was based primarily upon the co-offender, who received a reduced sentence in return for assistance.

The Crown also relied upon an untaped admission made by Coates to police during a break in the videotaped ROI.

O'CONNOR, Anthony Ross - CCA, 31.1.2005Sully & Kirby JJCitation: R v O'Connor [2005] NSWCCA 5Sentence appeal.

Maliciously wounding with intent to do GBH.11y with a NPP of 8y 3m.

He & a co-offender met with the deceased, who was supposedly going to sell guns & ammunition to them. The co-offender was found guilty of the murder of the deceased & was sentenced to 13y 35w with a NPP of 10y 9w.

His conviction was subsequently quashed & a new trial ordered.

During the assault, applicant at one time armed himself with a mattock & at another time with an axe.

Members of his family intervened & disarmed him, however, he punched & kicked the victim.

Appellant was the principal in this retail operation.LYKOURAS, Paul - CCA, 4.2.2005Sully, Hidden & Howie JJCitation: R v Lykouras [2005] NSWCCA 8Application for leave to appeal against interlocutory order granting leave to the Crown to amend an indictment under s.20 of the Criminal Procedure Act; and Crown appeal against order for separate trials.The van driven by the accused failed to take a sweeping curve in the road, left the roadway for about 7 metres & collided with a telegraph pole.The above offence involved an unprovoked, vicious attack upon the victim, as a result of which the victim suffered very serious injuries.Apart from the above count, applicant had also been charged with wound with intent to murder, however, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty on that count.

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    After much dispute between proponents of northern and southern dialects and an abortive attempt at an artificial pronunciation, the National Language Unification Commission finally settled on the Beijing dialect in 1932.