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Cottard, the SSPX priest responsible for the children, had subjected them to a harsh disciplinary regimen, forcing them to spend the night before their deaths sleeping on a pebbled beach. Cottard had also failed to call the emergency services for almost 8 hours, and did not take basic safety precautions such as properly checking the weather forecast. The reasons cited were Priebke's involvement in murdering 335 Italians in the 1944 Ardeatine Massacre and his subsequent lack of remorse.

SSPX offered to hold a funeral and issued a statement on their website saying, "A Christian who was baptized and received the sacraments of confession and the Eucharist, no matter what his faults and sins were, to the extent that he dies reconciled with God and the church, has a right to the celebration of the holy Mass and a funeral." Nevertheless the ceremony was not held due to 500 protesters outside the SSPX headquarters in Albano.

The lawyer, Paolo Giachini, told reporters outside the SSPX headquarters that the funeral Mass had not taken place, but that he had fulfilled his obligation to arrange a funeral.

"Now it's up to the authorities to decide what to do with the body," since he was unable to find a city where Priebke could be buried.

One of the Society's four bishops, Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, has stated that Pope Benedict XVI "has professed heresies in the past! " In 1998, the Association Française de Scouts et Guides Catholiques faced international scrutiny following an accident at Perros-Guirec that claimed the lives of four marine Scouts and of a sailor who died in an attempt to save them.

A media frenzy followed, and it was alleged that Fr. Captain Erich Priebke died in October 2013, the Diocese of Rome forbade a Requiem Mass for him.

An SSPX attempt in 1993 to occupy another church in Paris, that of Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois, was unsuccessful.

There have been statements by some members of the society which have been widely interpreted as antisemitic, However, until they re-discover their true Messianic vocation, they may be expected to continue fanatically agitating, in accordance with their false messianic vocation of Jewish world-dominion, to prepare the Anti-Christ's throne in Jerusalem.

Pius X, many of which concern political support for non-democratic regimes and alleged antisemitism. Pius X is an international organisation founded in 1970 by the French traditionalist Catholic archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

Subsequently, former SSPX seminarians have come forward with additional information about Williamson's Jewish views.

One former seminarian characterized Williamson as "a sick man" with "a horrible attitude toward women and a horrible attitude toward Jews." Williamson's views on this and other subjects are controversial even within traditionalist Catholicism.

They subsequently refused to leave, and the church remains in the possession of the SSPX to this day.

The various French municipal authorities have had ownership of the older churches in France since the enactment of the 1905 French law on the Separation of the Churches and the State, though the buildings are permitted to be used by the appropriate religious denominations.

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