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I would never think that using a dating site can lead to falling in love. In other words, one person is probably behind 100 or more photo responses.

Of course I did not waste 2 free credits , just to tell her she was lying! The first line in my profile said that I would not correspond with anyone who did not greet me as "Dear Roger" in their message.

And the over use of such BUZZ WORDS as, Soul-mate, sunshine, love, family, and they all use the loosest ways to describe what they themselves are looking for.... THEN, BOOM, WITHIN SECONDS, I got the very same response from BOTH women, at the very same MINUTE.... I didn't have any serious plans to meet my soulmate like some people just wanted to see what will be. We started chatting and soon we exchange numbers and were on our phones all the time.

started looking at both, and then LIKED 2 pictures on each.... The website looks very attractive plus photos of good-looking girls that pop up every second make you not want to leave the site.

then I thought, well, they want them all to look good, so they use their own photographers, and clothing, and makeup, and props.... After months, and getting over 400 messages/mail with not a single lady addressing me by name ,(as I insisted in my profile to prove that they read my profile) I now have flurry of mail, using my name!

and a lot of the settings are the same or very similar!! It appears Romance tale has read my review and decided to modify their computer generated responses to include the name of the guys they want to sucker in! Romancetales continues to socially engineer their site to better lure paying customers Just look at Romancetales "terms of service" and you quickly find that: The rights to the Romance Tale service mark belong to Terra Social Ltd (registered at 10, Spyridonos Lambrou, Neapolis, 3106, Limassol, Cyprus), registration number 373219.

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