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Keith Broughton, the investigating detective, said he interviewed six witnesses put forth by the school's principal, including a teacher who broke up the fight.

All of them described it as a one-on-one altercation.

In August 2015, conservative websites questioned King's biracial identity based on information from King's birth certificate which lists Naomi Fleming and Jeffrey Wayne King as Shaun King's parents, both of whom are white.

In an October 11, 2017 article in the Washington Post, Shaun King was credited with leading a successful months-long and far-reaching social media campaign which led to the identification and arrest of three of the men behind the August 12, 2017 assault on De Andre Harris during the Unite the Right rally. Borden from Mason, Ohio; 33-year-old Alex Michael Ramos of Marietta, Georgia; and 22-year-old Jacob Scott Goodwin from Ward, Arkansas, were arrested for the parking garage beating.

The Washington Post described how the attack on Harris became a "symbol of the violence and racial enmity that engulfed Charlottesville when white supremacists, Klan members and neo-Nazis clashed with counterprotesters." However, "the confrontation at the parking garage - located next to the Charlottesville police department headquarters - became a bigger flashpoint [in October 2017] after Harris was charged [on October 9] with a crime in connection with the brawl." Harris was served with an arrest warrant sought by 48-year-old Harold Crews, North Carolina's League of the South chairman and a real estate lawyer, who alleged that Harris had hit him with a flashlight during an altercation prior to the Market Street Garage brawl.

The money went to an organization which provided for the person's needs, not to the person individually.

After one goal was met, the next story in line would then get funds raised.

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