We are dating now ep 5

Aly: I think moving out of our family home, having our parents go through a divorce and then my marriage 2 years ago were all big events that affected this new music.

We’ve always been artists that write about personal experiences so it’s something that’s bound to happen when getting into the studio. Aly: Well, I’m married now so it was very much inspired by AJ‘s dating life at the time and some of our girlfriends as well.

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That saves the day and for the moment, the crisis has been averted.

It was a real breakthrough for Deacon to rise to the occasion and not get angry when this arrogant young man gets abusive and is screaming at him.

Deacon finds the strength and looks and realizes what’s going on.

They’d never initiate any sort of set time to get to know one another…..hence the creation of “Take Me.” JJ: Have you found it hard to balance music and acting? We’re ready to focus on music and it deserves as much attention as we can give without ignoring acting obligations altogether. Aly: It’s funny because everyone sees us as having grown up on the Channel, even though we were really only there for 4 years.

Will acting take a backseat now as you concentrate on music? We’ll be able to tour during the hiatuses from our shows. I started when I was 14 and that went on for two years, then I did my first DCOM and then another one around 17 with AJ…the rest were all music videos being played on the channel.

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