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Netzer includes a lot of nudity, which perhaps adds to the naturalism while also feeling a little gratuitous (what’s the point, exactly?

Speaking of naturalism, both leads deliver strong performances, though Cavallioti will likely take the lion’s share of attention for the seamless way she moves from “normal” behavior to full panic-attack mode.

Source Elle est où, votre première qu’on préfère ne même pas tenter notre chance.

The only reason one can guess why he fell in love with her is because he subliminally needed someone to manage, but that doesn’t make for a compelling union for audiences.

Instead, coherence is lost when the main way to guess where a scene is in time is by pondering Toma’s receding hair.

C’est aussi parce que, d’une façon, j’étais rendu épuisé, à bout, plus capable de gérer les situations qu’elles créent.

E, mention the king of Qedar as king of the Arabs and King of the Ishmaelites.

The Ghassanids, Lakhmids and Kindites were the last major migration of pre-Islamic Arabs out of Yemen to the north.

Notre infrastructure est paralysée pour le moment d'ou les problèmes de connexion au site et au jeu.

Parce que, en vrai, je suis tanné d’être juste une face comme une autre qui doit faire des efforts immenses pour se présenter de la manière la plus succincte et intéressante possible.

Malgré tout ça, je suis toujours un peu tenté d’y revenir, d’aller voir, juste pour voir, justement.

If you’re looking for Romanian cinema touchstones, they’re all here: awkward dinner scenes, lots of discussions about meds, characters skilled at withering humiliation, and, of course, a hospital visit.

Andrei Butică’s fluid handheld camera once again reflects the emotions and mood of the people on screen, and the dialogue feels ultra-natural.

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