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I very much appreciated the subtle humor of the role.I didn’t enjoy that none of the other actors in the ensemble were given any development.In the TV journalism system, shows about crime and violence are considered especially addictive. Now you’ve arrived at the top 200, the very best episodes about crime and rape and other atrocious things that will make you terrified to be a New Yorker.

The girl is actually 17-years-old but has Turner’s Syndrome, which makes her appear younger than she is.179. 1 has had a lot of men set on fire with their genitals cut off (see “Babes” below). One of the victims (Mehcad Brooks) comes forward and testifies.But the murdered woman Benson and Stabler are investigating turns out to be alive: Ava’s twin sister Irna was killed after an arranged marriage and Ava stole her identity, then tried to save a sister sold to an immigrant matchmaking company.188. 21 In one of the weirdest interrogation scenes, Stabler tries to get a confession out of a pyrofeliac by taunting him with burning matches. 14 Micha Barton plays one of the sex workers attacked by a minister (Lee Tergesen) who leaves Tarot cards on their bodies.Then Sharon Stone’s ADA Jo Marlow pretty much accuses Stabler of rape by sexually coercing the suspect. Elizabeth Marvel guest stars as a doctor before playing DA Rita Calhoun in Season 14.186. 14 Emily Van Kamp confesses to killing her mother and assaulting her father (Cary Elwes), but it was her boyfriend who attacked them.Every version of Poirot (portrayed Albert Finney, Alfred Molina, David Suchet) has been entertaining. Although this version of Poirot takes some liberties with the traditional character aspects of Hercule Poirot, Branagh plays the role charming and with a rapier wit.Also, Branagh wears a mustache like he’s been wearing one his whole life.

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