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The ,000 cash prize recognises a playwright who has made a significant artistic contribution to theatre in New Zealand.The holiday period in December and January is peak season for international air travel, and we wish all New Zealand travellers a safe trip over the summer.[more] Bi-cultural dream full of comic energy A Midsummer Nights Dream can be confusing because of the four interconnecting plot lines all of which relate to a celebration of the wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta, set in the woodland and in the realm of fairyland under the light of the moon.

Does someone take us to die / do we ask them to come Faint ghosts in the room (projections) Are memories are people are us. [more] See also reviews by: Matt Tamariki Funny, frolicking and fabulous Moulder and Beauchamp (despite the latter having a non-speaking role) are both brilliant communicators, and one very quickly tunes in to every emotion and character-identification, as they romp through a hilarious retelling of the Baroque Opera Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell (1659-95).

Im told there are elements of improv involved on the night (not that wed know), there is minimal audience involvement and its clearly pitched at office workers.

[more] An all-round slick production There isnt a song in the show that drags or one that I could pick out as being the best. The songs are smart and on the button of todays issues all the while carefully subverting them. [more] See also reviews by: Tim George (Theatre Scenes); Funny and magical tale about generosity and giving Tim Brays production of The Santa Claus Show has been running annually since 1991.

The evening began with a mihi by Taki Ruas Tānemahuta Gray and the announcement of the Wellington Theatre Awards name in Te Reo Māori, Ngā Whakarākei o Whātaitai (the adornment of Whātaitai), by Theatre Awards Trustee Richard Cathie.

Whātaitai is the taniwha who in his ambition to follow Ngake out of Wellington harbor, got trapped and became the isthmus between Miramar Peninsular (Motukairangi), and Mount Victoria (Matairangi) where is soul aspired to and is known as tangi te keo. Whātaitai is also about the movement of the earth, as the performing arts in Wellington make significant changes on the local cultural and artistic landscape.

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