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"We have a crackling on-air chemistry, and a crackling off-air chemistry, too," he said.

According to Mediaite, the "congratulations" for ratings wasn't inaccurate -- more fans have tuned in to watch Scarborough, an outspoken Republican, on the morning talk show with Brzezinski, a Democrat.

"Hmph, Seiji, you’re just too cool." Seiji couldn’t formulate a response to this. Why did it sound like she was actually unsatisfied? "…Fine, she came here all the way just for me." Seiji had no choice but to admit the truth when faced with Mika’s unfamiliar sharp gaze.

"Congratulations, you saved a beauty, and now she’s specially come all the way just to find you. "I didn’t expect such a thing would happen, and I can’t say that I’m overjoyed…" "You don’t like her? I don’t know what I should say." Seiji tilted his head in confusion. At least I know how Seiji feels about that blonde beauty.

it’s slightly inconvenient." A strange light flashed through Mika’s eyes. After all, being willing to leave home and move in next door to the person she liked showed an incredible determination.

"Then will you reject her bluntly and tell her to go home? But she secretly felt delighted at the fact that the person she liked was such a good person.

That’s her choice; I can’t tell her what to do," Seiji told Mika honestly. Even if a girl’s actions inconvenienced him, he wouldn’t force her to leave, and he’d respect her freedom as much as possible. She saw that he was smiling gently at her while pointing to the freezer next to him. She wasn’t a natural jokester like Chiaki; he felt a different type of relaxation when he was with her. As the sun set in the park, the beautiful girl and handsome boy eating ice cream on the swings seemed like an attractive scene out of a television drama. ’ Although Mika inwardly complained upon hearing Seiji call her, she still obediently looked back at him. ’ Although she said that in her heart, Mika knew that her frustration had already largely dissipated. He noticed that she still seemed slightly unhappy, but her dissatisfaction was obviously much weaker than earlier. whoops, I meant to say that she’s so simple.’ She gets lost in her thoughts easily, and she’s prone to acting out and getting angry easily. Mika Uehara was just a classic tsundere, a soft and cute beauty who had a large variety of expressions." Mika asked incredulously while blinking in disbelief. I should say that it’s not at the degree of like or dislike, since I’ve only met her a few times, and we haven’t even talked much yet." "But she likes you to the point of following you all the way here! "She seems to have fallen in love with me at first sight, and as for me… I don’t have a bad impression of her, nor do I dislike or like her. a normal acquaintance to me." "You weren’t even moved by the fact that she followed you all the way here? At the very least, he wouldn’t hook up with the new tenant anytime soon.’ But this was only the beginning! That blonde girl she hadn’t met yet would act in the same way; this blonde beauty definitely wouldn’t give up either. " "More than that, I’m surprised." Seiji smiled wryly. I’m happy, since it’s only natural to be happy at being liked, but as you already know, I currently have no desire to get a girlfriend." "That’s why I’m grateful for her feelings, but as for her actions… Although Mika hadn’t met her yet, she was certain this blonde-haired young missus she’d heard about wouldn’t give up easily, even if she was rejected by Seiji and learnt of his attitude. it was certain she knew how cool and worthy of her love this boy was! After being moved by being saved as a damsel in distress, she discovered that he was cooler than she expected!

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