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So, Kent Avenue’s southern limit is at De Kalb Avenue and the Lafayette Gardens Houses (before they were built Kent Avenue extended south to Lafayette).A small cluster of groceries and bodegas serve the housing project here.wikipedia Like sudoku, Rubik’s is insolvable for your webmaster, but some can solve it in under 10 seconds. Francis Scott Key (1779-1843) was an attorney and was the lyricist of the national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner; he wrote it while witnessing an 1814 bombardment at Fort Mc Henry in Maryland during the War of 1812. The two churches catered to Irish and Italian congregations respectively.He was an attorney by trade and in 1832 served as solicitor for Sam Houston, then an ex-Governor of Tennessee, after a fight in which he caned US Representative William Stanbery of Ohio. Later fined 0 when the case was brought to civil court, he refused to pay it and left the USA for the Republic of Texas). Scott Fitzgerald, whose full name was Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. Brooklyn Genealogy has an item about the early days of St.“At that time there stood an old Methodist Church on Kent Ave., near Myrtle.Negotiations were entered into and the Church with two lots was finally purchased by the Catholics for three thousand dollars.

The imaginatively-named “The Kent,” 970 Kent, is a doorman building that features luxury condos in a formerly industrial loft building (an underwear factory, so I have heard). At Willoughby, I liked the Rubik’s Cube motif on the entrance of the Francis Scott Key School, JHS 117. billions” of positions, as the larger numbers could be regarded as incomprehensible to many.

“Kent’s Commentaries on American Law (4 vols., 1826-30), the product of his celebrated Columbia lectures, mark the onset of modern legal scholarship.” Though Kent Avenue “begins” where its street numbering begins in Williamsburg, I have chosen to begin here in Clinton Hill where it “ends” and work my way north.

The southern section of Kent Avenue, between Lafayette and Division Avenues, was called Kent Avenue first, with the section north of that was named First Street: Williamsburg’s north-south streets were numbered until 1880 or so — Kent Avenue, being closest to the East River, was First Street; Wythe, Second; Berry, Third, and so on.

Her name comes from the Latin term for “light.” Diocletian, meanwhile, is regarded as one of the more successful Roman emperors after Christ’s birth. Patrick’s Academy, is nearby, the sign on the facade giving a clue about the original name of the parish.

It is a handsome red-brick building dating from the looks of things to the 1890-1915 period.

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    Artifacts Commercial photographer, Breckenridge, Texas; born Basil Edwin Clemmons in Lauderdale County, Alabama. 12,000); nitrate, safety, and paper negatives (approx 5,900); artifacts; article; and Clemmons family genealogy cards.