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Femtocells are like home routers with a built-in transceiver to serve a femto-cellular network (10 area ~ 4000 sq.feet) Femto Cells are in-home cellular access points that connect via home broadband connection to the carrier’s switching system and in turn provide a localized cell phone service.

Mainly introduced as a way to increase inbuiding coverage, its now seen as a cheap way to deliver mobile 3G services to the last mile.

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Cell phone carriers are constantly exploring ways to expand their coverage and penetrate the last mile to offer convergence services to their customers.

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It is essential for carriers to place IDS and network segregation devices to monitor network intrusion from UMA/femtocell mobile devices.

Femtocells have certain provisioning parameters that carriers can remotely set to make sure only the subscriber’s phones are able to use the particular femtocell, this ensures your neighbor doesn’t talk on your femtocell.

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