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The patent which has been granted in the US and Europe will be used in other applications as well such as- Human waste (portable/chemical), boats, yachts, trains, MV caravans, livestock etc.

We, at Paulee Cleantec, have a revolutionary solution to two challenges in urban and rural development—processing human waste and providing adequate supplies of usable water.

The central problem associated with the disposal of fresh feces is its health associated diseases lead by diarrhea.

The new proposed toilet builds upon the exothermic reaction between stool and an oxidizing reagent to transform human excreta (stool and urine) to a source of energy, sterile water for toilet flushing and fertilizer.

By using UV / NIR spectroscopy and set of unique filters our unit monitor parameters like: BOD, TOC, Total Count, Nitrates and more.: We are looking for partner who can represent us in the Indian market and other south East Asia territories.

Partner should have accesses to governmental water treatment projects and the food – agro industry ICL Innovation seeks early stage innovative technologies, novel materials and cost-effective production processes that can be commercialized and incorporated by ICL companies into their product line in the areas of Energy, Food, Fertilizers and Specialty Chemicals.

Examples include sanitation/environmental departments of government. We are happy to work in connection with conventional wastewater treatment technology companies, whether to help with the primary sewage flows in the event of overwhelming inflow, or as a polishing step to upgrade effluent to meet stricter standards.

BAS new technology is based on o- line, real time, monitoring of several parameters which are related to water and air quality.

The use of the NBS technology in conjunction with several other sustainable water management techniques allows AYALA to focus not only on a localized solution, but rather on an entire city, watershed or ecosystem, and to create solutions that promote groundwater recharge, flood prevention and restoration of local flora and fauna.

AYALA is currently involved in a large scale project with the Indian government, for the rehabilitation of the Ganges river.: We are interested in broadening our connections with public officials in India, from the local, municipal state and national levels in order to promote our effective, sustainable solutions for the preservation of the environment of India, including the Ganges and other polluted water bodies.

During its twenty years of existence, AYALA Water & Ecology has created hundreds of water conserving, recycling and purification systems in Israel and around the world.

Based on extensive research and accumulated field experience, AYALA developed a technology called Natural Biological Systems (NBS).

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