Validating a high performance programmable secure coprocessor

Tamper resistance ranges from simple features like screws with special drives, more complex devices that render themselves inoperable or encrypt all data transmissions between individual chips, or use of materials needing special tools and knowledge.Tamper-resistant devices or features are common on packages to deter package or product tampering.In the US, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prevents manufacturers from voiding warranties solely due to tampering.A warranty may be dishonored only if the tampering actually affected the part that has failed, and could have caused the failure.DRM mechanisms also use certificates and asymmetric key cryptography in many cases.In all such cases, tamper resistance means not allowing the device user access to the valid device certificates or public-private keys of the device.However, they cannot easily be checked remotely, and many countries have statutory warranty terms that mean manufacturers may still have to service the equipment.Tamper proof screws will stop most casual users from tampering in the first place.

Tamper-resistant screws are also used on electrical fittings in many public buildings primarily to reduce tampering or vandalism that may cause a danger to others.In this case, the issue is not about stopping the user from breaking the equipment or hurting themselves, but about either stopping them from extracting codes, or acquiring and saving the decoded bitstream.This is usually done by having many subsystem features buried within each chip (so that internal signals and states are inaccessible) and by making sure the buses between chips are encrypted.Since the most sophisticated attacks have been estimated to cost several hundred thousand dollars to carry out, carefully designed systems may be invulnerable in practice.Anti-tamper (AT) is required in all new military programs in the U. Tamper resistance finds application in smart cards, set-top boxes and other devices that use digital rights management (DRM).

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